4' diameter (main part). Repurposed plastics, ultrasonic sensor, interactive lights. An ultrasonic sensor is imbedded in Boundary. As you and others approach, lights are activated.

Artist’s Statement on Boundary

Plastics are derived from fossil fuels, and destined to be a part of the fossil record we leave behind. Plastics are readily available and beautiful in their various forms, functions and transmissions of light. I am simultaneously drawn to the forms and convenience, and frightened of their effects and the excesses they represent. The title Boundary comes from the concept that there will be a thin layer, a boundary, of plastics covering Earth. Due to our expansion of territory and exploitation of earth resources (seen in abundant ‘waste’ plastics among other things) we are in the midst of an extinction of species not seen since the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Some plastics are transparent, but this transparency does not last. Like ancient glass that changes over time to refract light into an iridescent shimmer, plastics change over time. Circulating through our ecological systems, plastics change their environments beyond appearances, including activating our own endocrine systems. Plastics do not decompose, but break down into ever-smaller pieces, continuing on. 



Fibbonaci spirals, mountainscapes, electrical energy, magnetic fields, fields of force and resonance, eyes and vision, fossil records, geology, ammonites, spirals, living forms, evolution, spaceships, particles, cells, heartbeats, flow of blood in the heart chambers, charts, double helix strands of DNA, webs, birds, butterflies, chrysalises, molecular hex structure of endocrine disruptors…


Some questions I am asking:

Why do drugs and technology share the term ‘user’? 
Is this the packaging of our lives, the ‘stuff’ing of our time? 
Can our lives be found within these shells? 
Who is consuming who? 
Under the pressure of time, what form will our stuff take?
How do we enter a space and respond to proximity? 
How close are we? 
How are we seen? 
How does our presence ripple out into our surroundings? 
What surveillance is gathered when we look out from our infinitesimal (in the scope of 4+ billion years) perch of time?
We are the centers of our own universes. In the blink of an eye change comes again and life continues without us.
What comes after us?