Creative Creatures

Creative Creatures – Plastics Fantastics

electric creature creations – playing with plastics  – learning with light

Creating creatures from repurposed plastic packaging and circuits, lighting them up with solar cells and LEDs, building new knowledge of basic circuit design, and putting it to work. The glowing creatures then become characters in mythic stories of our own invention with journeys, conflicts and resolutions. Inviting participants to use design thinking and imaginative processes to rethink our material culture, plastic packaging, and design flaws within our systems.

Adding the A to STEM education to make STEAM in collaboration with Vermont Makers.

Creative Creatures being made and displayed at Champlain Mini Maker Faire.

Plastic Fantastic Creative Creatures have been made in various locations. Below are some pictures of the making and playing at Maker Faire, Generator, E21, and libraries around the state of Vermont.