Home Statement

All ideas, histories, and particles are connected and alive.

Artist’s Statement

All ideas, histories, and particles are interconnected and alive.

How do we treat materials, how do we treat each other?
What is lost, and what can be found?
I seek by creating art. Art to build knowledge, beauty and appreciation 
of the spirited complexities of our world.

Art to encourage and nurture biophilia.

Focusing on ecological issues including energy, health and resources.
Exploring and playing with our habits of consumption and creativity, as individuals and in community.
Collaborating with
materials, processes and cycles from
 technologic to organic growth and decay, to 
relating and creating with groups and individuals.
Grappling with understanding and inviting the re-envisioning of our patterned worlds: grotesque, sublime, pulsing and beautiful. 


Creating, Collaborating, Teaching